Shamima Begum ‘wanted to kill herself when kids died’ and begs for second chance

Shamima Begum ‘wanted to kill herself when kids died’ and begs for second chance

ISIS bride Shamima Begum said she wanted to kill herself after the death of her three children and is now begging for a second chance.

In a documentary that premiered on Wednesday she explains to the government why she is not a threat to national security.

Six years ago she ran away from her east London home to join up with the death cult.

“My name’s Shamima. I’m from the UK. I’m 19,” she said, wearing a hijab at the start.

“I would say to the people in the UK, give me a second chance because I was still young when I left.”

The film – The Return: Life After ISIS – has premiered in the US and is expected to be released in the summer in the UK.

In the documentary she reportedly said that she had suicidal thoughts after the deaths of her three children.

After the death of a daughter she said: “When she died it was so hard because I just felt so alone and I felt like my entire world was falling apart in front of me and I couldn’t’ do anything.

“I felt like it was my fault for not getting them out sooner.

“When she died at that moment I just wanted to kill myself. I felt like I couldn’t even get up to run any more when there were bombings.

“The only thing keeping me alive was my baby I was pregnant with. I felt like I had to do him right by getting him out and giving him a normal life.”

She originally left the UK as a 15-year-old to join the self-styled Islamic State and to marry an ISIS fighter.

But when the terror group was defeated, she ended up in a camp in Syria. Her three children all died and now she wants to return home to Britain.

In February, the Supreme Court threw out her bid to return to challenge a decision stripping her of her citizenship on the grounds of national security.

Human rights campaigners have branded the court decision a “disgrace”.