Will Colts jump in to the free-agency fray?

Will Colts jump in to the free-agency fray?

As usual, the Colts have plenty of cap space. As usual, they may remain on the sidelines during the early days of free agency.

Last year, Indy sort of broke from character, trading for defensive lineman DeForest Buckner and giving him a major contract. Typically, the Colts (especially under G.M. Chris Ballard) rarely let the cap space burn a hole through their pockets.

It’s not their way. They tend to wait for bargains. And there surely will be plenty of bargains this year, as the cap has dropped.

Remember this factor — for many teams cash is down, too. All teams paid out 100 cents on the dollar for players last year, despite losing millions via the absence of fans. So it’s not like teams with a huge amount of cap space can simply write an unlimited check. They need the money, and some just don’t have it like they would have had it in a normal year.